A kaleidoscope of historic and modern-day connections.

Peter LeValley, the Hugeunot

LeValley Hugeunot Pedigree document

Families of Colonial Governors and their descendants.

Sarah Carr, of Newport, was a grand-daughter, great-grand-daughter (maternal and paternal), and niece of Rhode Island Colonial Governors. One of her Great-Grandfathers, Governor Benedict Arnold, was also the great-grandfather of the infamous Benedict Arnold.

At 17 years of age, her father died and she married a Newport school master, George Pigot. To protect her right to the inheritance from her father Francis, she and her husband fought Stephen Mumford in a court of law.  Although already a married women, Mumford called her a minor and contested her right to make that claim. 

Glance through 1717 court records

St. John's in Providence and the Anglican mission in New England.

  • Rev. George Pigot was the 1st Rector of King's Church, Providence (renamed St. John's). In this capacity, he was missionary for the King of England and the Anglican Church in the colonies. He had affiliations with the  Narragansett Church in Wickford, RI; a mission in  Stratford, CT and finally at St. Michael's Church in Marblehead, MA where he served as Rector.
  • After his move from Warwick to Marblehead in 1727, Rev. Pigot famously served his "Defense of Christmas" sermon. This was a direct assault on the Puritan view that the celebration of Christmas was taboo.

Amanda LeValley, a rare 19th century example of realized equality.

One might glean that Amanda lived her life, unquestionably and unapologetically, as her own self; a free and empowered woman. 

Agricultural Success and a self-sustaining farm.

The LeValley Farm proved its sustainability amidst the industrial revolution. High above the soot and fine dust of the lace mills their agricultural tradition endured. Herein lies an important story as, more and more, we strive to grow and eat locally; make and buy locally.

British Baronies in Abeyance 'across the pond'.

Rev. George Pigot made at least one claim to the British Parliment; that he was rightful heir to the abandonned baronies of Monteagle and Morley, England. It is said that he called Phenix Hill "Monteagle".

The industrial revolution and the required expertise of Elizabeth LeValley.

American Civil War, Mr. Sweet, Private Swindells and the business of cemeteries.

American Revolutionary War, young Peter LeValley and Sarah Carr's young 3rd cousin, Benedict Arnold.

What is Sarah Carr's relation to the Lippitt's of Lippitt Mill in Lippitt Village?

Currently in the midst of restoration, the Lippitt Mill has been standing since 1809. This historical significant building was built by Henry Lippitt. Is there a familial relationship on her mother's side?

Maisie E. Quinn - 1st female RI Superintendent of Schools

Ms. Quinn's home on Phenix Hill, the Spencer house, c. 1905

Maisie E. Quinn is linked with women of Phenix Hill named in history books.  Sarah Carr, Amanda LeValley and Maisie Quinn all lived on the grounds (in the case of Carr and LeValley in the farmhouse itself) of this historic New England farm; a place which, in mid- colonial times, was still considered deep forest.