1722 - 1727, owners Sarah Carr and George Pigot (Piggot)

Sarah Carr's Family Tree of Colonial Rhode Island Governors: Follow link for more.

Grandfather, Caleb Carr 

(b.1616, d.1695); 

Great-Grandfather, Jeremiah Clarke 

(b. 1605, d.1651),

Great Uncle, Walter Clarke

(b. 1638, d.1714) born in Newport RI, and Great-Grandfather, Benedict Arnold 

(b. 1610, d. 1677)

[also great-grandfather of the infamous traitor to the American Revolutionary.]

The Last Will of Gov. Caleb Carr

"To son Francis, half my right in a house and land at Newport and half a share at Coweset, a 20 piece of gold, a silver spoon and a fifth household stuff."

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The Inventory of Gov. Caleb Carr

"...house and land at Dutch Island £600. Farm at Bristol £29, Farm at Warwick £60, Farm and house....at Cowesett £100,...To half share standing in Newport now let to Mr. Stephen Mumford for £3,5 a year which shop is better both Nicholas Carr and myself the half value £13....

Parents of Sarah, Francis Carr and Demaris Arnold.

Francis Carr (son of Gov. Caleb Carr and his second wife, Sarah Clarke) was born in Newport  in 1678. Francis Carr and Demaris Arnold (b. May 19, 1684, d. 1725) were married on June 18, 1700. They had one child, Sarah.

Sarah Carr & George Pigot vs. Stephen Mumford.

Francis Carr died in 1717. At 17 years of ages, Sarah was his sole heir. Sarah Carr joined with her husband George Pigot in lawsuit against Stephen Mumford who claimed she was an "infant", although married.

Images of original court documents

House built by the Carr family in Warwick; additions by LeValley family.

(Reserved for more info on the original house and lands.)

Sketch provided by Paul LeValley

George Pigot called it Monteagle.

The Churchman

1st King's Church Rector Living in Primeaval Forest


Piggott's Claim to Baronies, Monteagle and Morley, in England. See page 330.

The New England Historical and Geneological Register - 1885

Burke's Geneological History of Peerages c1866. see page 426

1728 George Pigot is rector of St. Michael's, Marblehead.

Rev. Pigot delivers his famous speech in defense of the celebration of Christmas in the Colonies, which was against Puritan principles.

Read about the famous 'defense of Christmas Celebration Sermon'

Marriage of Frances Carr and Demaris Arnold

Page 6, #[11]

"Damaris Arnold Daughter of Josiah Arnold at Beaver Head at Quanamioth [Conanicut] was Marryed to francis Carr p' Isaac Martindale June 18th 1700 on ye Evening."

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